MobilePay Invoice

A solution to prevent headaches. Sending out bills – and getting them paid – has never been easier.
Release the potential of billing with MobilePay

We change Invoice in 2024

Please notice that as part of the merger between MobilePay and Norwegian Vipps, we will consolidate products on one joint platform.  
In the beginning of 2024 we will therefore replace the current Invoice API with a new and scalable version.

An offer they don't refuse

Why do 98% of MobilePay Invoice customers pay their bills on time? Because getting it done has never been easier. No more piles of paper or searching through emails, no more typing and making mistakes. A single swipe, and it's all settled.

The convenience of MobilePay Invoice also applies for your clients, allowing them to easily create, send and manage professional invoices on the go. Once you've integrated MobilePay into your platform, your clients can use MobilePay Invoice via their existing financial system.

Release the potential of billing with MobilePay

A win-win-win - for you, your clients and their customers

A solution to prevent headaches. Sending out bills – and getting them paid – has never been easier.


More about MobilePay Invoice in Danish or Finnish.

  • Complete overview with real-time data

  • 98% of invoices paid on time with MobilePay

  • An end to drop-offs and manual mistakes

Together we release the potential of MobilePay

A few small steps to 1 giant leap


Sign up

Register by filling out our simple sign-up form and choose 'Invoice' .


Sign off

Dialogue about your needs followed by a signature on our contract.


Join Sandbox

Join Sandbox, where you test and develop in a designated environment.


Get integrated

Get integrated with assistance from our MobilePay Developer Support, including a review of the setup with your engineers, business developers and designers, to ensure the perfect solution for your clients and their customers.



You're now a certified provider of joyful exchanges with MobilePay.

Show the way to easy billing payment everywhere

Visually strong buttons are a much more efficient call-to-action than embedded links. Advise your client to place the MobilePay QR code or payment button in invoices, welcome emails, self-service flows and letters sent through digital mailboxes.

Also, encourage them to send out payment links to bill receivers via mail, text message or live chat support.

Integrate MobilePay and follow best practice - for best results.

Follow best practice ...for best results