Best practice
...for best results

No matter the client type, MobilePay enables you to provide exactly what's needed to expand their business, increase conversion and make customers happy through joyful user experiences. Go ahead - and explore what best practice to follow.

Press the right buttons

MobilePay is highly recognised by millions of people who associate our logo, QR codes and buttons with quick and easy payment. By making MobilePay clearly visible throughout every touch point, you can help your clients significantly increase conversion rates.

No logo
is a no-go

Remind your client to upload the company logo easily via our Self-service portal for merchants (go to our Danish or Finnish portal). Then their user is never in doubt about who they're dealing with. Notice, for MobilePay Online, PSPs handle the logo process e.g. via a link from merchants.

This simple action will increase conversion rates, prevent drop-offs and enhance the feeling of a safe transaction.

See our logo recommendations for merchants (in Danish only)

Follow best practice and remind merchants to upload the company logo

Tailor the receipt to fit the need

When someone wonders: "What exactly am I paying for?", the ideal receipt will provide the answer – nothing more, nothing less.

As a payment professional, you can help your client define the most relevant information to include.

And if they offer different products? Then consider different receipts, so that initial question can always be answered.

See your options on

Tailor the receipt shown in MobilePay to fit the need

Seal the deal, step by step

Fewer steps = more chance of customers going all the way. Design the shortest possible customer journey, with constantly visible MobilePay buttons as trusted guidance towards a smooth checkout experience.
Design the shortest possible customer journey, with constantly visible MobilePay buttons.

You're simply gonna love this

MobilePay makes it nice and easy to reconcile your records. So, unless you truly love good old-fashioned bookkeeping, our Transaction Reporting API is your new friend.

All your MobilePay transactions are gathered in your existing accounting system, and you can access your data anytime. Managed in real time, you get a single source of truth to help you streamline your financial reporting and quickly find all the information associated with each payment. Less boring, more exploring. 

A landing page for landing clients

When you offer MobilePay to potential clients, you're offering to optimise their business by giving their customers a smooth payment checkout experience. Make this message loud and clear on your landing page, by providing newly convinced clients with relevant guidelines for getting started with MobilePay via your platform.

Build the most optimal onboarding flow to ease the process, preferably using video and/or screenshots. Your landing page will also be featured on our channels, promoting you as a certified MobilePay Partner and Integrator.

Become a Certified MobilePay Partner and Integrator. Your landing page will be promoted onn our channels.

We promote your platform via our channels

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