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The widely known benefits of MobilePay can easily be applied to optimise ecommerce.
Release the potential of ecommerce with MobilePay

A huge digital advantage

Over 6 million people across the Nordics know MobilePay as a smooth, carefree and trusted method of payment. As a payment service provider or acquirer, you can help your clients to transfer this level of goodwill and usability to ecommerce.

MobilePay Online allows your clients to offer their customers the ultimate online shopping experience, whether on phone, tablet or desktop. A single swipe replaces entering payment information manually and eliminates the risk of mistakes. The result? An increase in conversion rates of up to 100% – not bad for a single swipe.

Simple checkout flow in webshops with MobilePay

A win-win-win - for you, your clients and their customers

The widely known benefits of MobilePay can easily be applied to optimise ecommerce.


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  • Same payment limits as for payment cards

  • Smooth and secure online shopping experience

  • Up to 100% increased conversion and sales lift

Together we release the potential of MobilePay

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Increase sales easily

Many of our Online merchants have seen significantly higher conversion rates simply from putting the MobilePay logo on their homepage and at the top of their payment flow.

Placing the logo alongside the other payment options in an online store is another way of giving customers a nice, smooth shopping experience.

The MobilePay button should be top priority on phones and tablets, and among the first three payment options on desktop.

Create a simple ecommerce checkout flow with MobilePay
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