MobilePay Point of Sale

A highly flexible solution that allows your clients to offer an intuitive shopping experience. 
Release the potential of PoS with MobilePay

We change Point of Sale in 2024 

Please notice that as part of the merger between MobilePay and Norwegian Vipps, we will consolidate products on one joint platform. 

In the beginning of 2024 we will therefore replace the current Point of Sale API with a new and scalable version.

Endless sales opportunities

MobilePay Point of Sale offers convenient payment practically anywhere. By using physical and/or digital QR codes, your clients can optimise the shopping experience and complete each sale on the spot. All payments are instantly registered in their existing financial system.

Our MobilePay PoS REST API supports two flows: the payment flow and the prepared payment flow. So, if your client offers a loyalty programme, you can make it easy for MobilePay users to enjoy its member benefits. MobilePay Point of Sale also allows your clients to expand their business with self-service, pre-ordering or even more points of sale without extra cost.

A win-win-win - for you, your clients and their customers

A highly flexible solution that allows your clients to offer an intuitive shopping experience.


More about MobilePay Point of Sale in Danish or Finnish.

  • Use physical or digital QR codes to meet the customers where they are

  • Expand with self-service, pre-ordering and extra points of sale, without extra cost

  • Transactions are instantly registered in existing payment system

Together we release the potential of MobilePay

A few small steps to 1 giant leap


Sign up

Register by filling out our simple sign-up form and choose 'Point of Sale'.


Sign off

Dialogue about your needs followed by a signature on our contract.


Join Sandbox

Join Sandbox, where you test and develop in a designated environment.


Get integrated

Get integrated with assistance from our MobilePay Developer Support, including a review of the setup with your engineers, business developers and designers, to ensure the perfect solution for your clients and their customers.



You're now a certified provider of joyful exchanges with MobilePay.

Digital, physical, flexible

The MobilePay QR code setup is extremely flexible, allowing you to supply each of your clients with a perfectly adjusted solution based on their specific needs. Read more below.

Release the potential of PoS with MobilePay

Digital QR codes

A tablet with a QR code is a powerful tool for sales assistants – and a great example of how QR codes can disrupt traditional retail. As an integrator, you can create digital QR codes to integrate directly into your client's existing systems.

Billede som viser, hvordan betaling med MobilePay kan foregå på gulvet i en butik.

Physical QR codes

Big signs at the entrance? Small stickers on the counter? Payment or pre-order? QR codes can be placed anywhere and take many forms, and you can either order them or print them using our templates and guidelines.

Print QR codes (Danish)

Print QR codes (Finnish)

MobilePay payment via QR code on fysical sticker/sign.
Integrate MobilePay and follow best practice - for best results.

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