MobilePay Subscriptions

Meet this simple, seamless solution for subscription-based businesses.
Release the potential of recurring payments with MobilePay

Open the door to new subscribers

Simplicity is key when opening the door to new subscribers, and MobilePay is synonymous with simple solutions and seamless transactions. Whether it's an agreement with one initial payment or billing on a recurring basis, it only takes a single swipe on their phone for customers to commit – and to stay committed.

With MobilePay Subscriptions, your clients can save up to 80% on transactions and still get 100% control and flexibility, both in terms of payment period and invoice date. Once you've integrated MobilePay into your platform, your clients can use MobilePay Subscriptions via their existing financial system.

Release the potential of recurring payments with MobilePay

A win-win-win - for you, your clients and their customers

Meet this simple, seamless solution for subscription-based businesses.


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  • Start subscribing with a single swipe

  • Complete overview with real-time data

  • An end to drop-offs and manual mistakes

Together we release the potential of MobilePay

A few small steps to 1 giant leap


Sign up

Register by filling out our simple sign-up form and choose 'Subscriptions'.


Sign off

Dialogue about your needs followed by a signature on our contract.


Join Sandbox

Join Sandbox, where you test and develop in a designated environment.


Get integrated

Get integrated with assistance from our MobilePay Developer Support, including a review of the setup with your engineers, business developers and designers, to ensure the perfect solution for your clients and their customers.



You're now a certified provider of joyful exchanges with MobilePay.

Consider each screen carefully

The type of agreement information entered in the different overviews in the app depends on each specific case.

So, help your client define the relevant options for each payment, overview and info screen. E.g. consider what, when and how many push notifications that should be sent as part of the user journey.

The selected information will be visible to the end user, so it's a good idea to look at your choices through the customer's eyes.

Screens the user see in the app with MobilePay Subcriptions

Create visible results

An easy sign up process is fundamental to building a successful subscription-based business.

So, help your clients increase their customer base by advising the clear display of MobilePay as a billing option. Because a visible logo and buttons will always deliver more punch than embedded links.

Also, make sure they set MobilePay as the first choice on phones and tablets, and among the top three on desktop. 

Integrate MobilePay and follow best practice - for best results.

Follow best practice ...for best results